We Proudly serve the biggest household names, ground breaking entrepreneurs and up and coming rising stars.  The company we keep is a strategic network of organizations, each with unique strong core competencies to bring parts and products engineered for their lifecycle.

We work primarily within the LED applications industry, providing off-the-shelf solutions or custom designed parts and components for products and projects involving light.  IlCopy WhatARTluminance turns us on, and bringing you the finest optics and light related products is mostly what we do.

The applications for our technologies and talent team range from general to specific lighting, medical, infrared, uv,  transportation, the arts including performing and architectural, to underwater, solar, fiber, consumer products, street and area lighting, scientific, and a host of other commercial projects.                                                                                                  

If among these pages you find topics and areas of interest – then please contact us. We welcome the chance to explore and understand your requirements and we may discover and we may discover a great fit.  What really matters is what you and your organization need.